A Movement in the Making


Our blog has been on a bit of a hiatus after a whirlwind of activity: developing our design and production strategy, building our team, and launching our first seasonal collection.  The very first fruits of our labor were conceptualized as we took part in one of the most exciting events currently on the Moroccan sustainable fashion scene: Fashion Revolution.

The revolution is an ever growing movement, prompted by the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh on April 24, 2013 which housed five garment factories manufacturing garments for big, fast fashion brands.  It became clearer than ever before that change was needed in the fashion industry.  Increased awareness has enabled the Fashion Revolution to become a global undertaking to change the way we view fashion, consumption, and ultimately the way our lives are affected daily by a culture that encourages more for less.

The AZTA value of sustainability (and, in fact, all of our core values) is by nature a part of this movement.  When we move away from the idea of “more for less” and begin focusing on the concept that less is more, we do our part to be more conscious of what we consume.  Making a commitment to purchase less, more sustainably is something we can and should actively do to create a healthier, happier planet.  This is not only a step towards saying “no” to fast fashion giants by refusing to support a system that is exploitative, but it is a way to make sure that the items you purchase actually add value to your life and to those you purchase from.  That bargain you snagged may feel less triumphant once you become conscious of the human cost that big brands omit from their pricing.

We stand hand in hand with those joining the global revolution and we were ecstatic for the chance to connect with likeminded brands and individuals at Fashion Revolution Morocco’s first ever event!  The opportunity to meet with others who wholeheartedly supported the mission of sustainable, slow fashion was again, directly in line with our value of collaboration.  At the photo booth event, we were able to use Fashion Revolution Morocco as a platform to support local, independent brands and to amplify the multifaceted voices of the movement.  Influencers, designers, and brands collaborated as a way to highlight the talent and creativity of Moroccan small businesses and to point out the problems of and solutions for the fashion industry.  See more from the creative minds behind Oummy Africa, La Double Croche, Ghitta Laskrouif & Boya by Achbar for an idea of what's going on with local, sustainable fashion in Morocco.

AZTA is proud to be a part of the Fashion Revolution, and since Morocco is our home, this event will always hold a special significance to us.  We can’t wait to push this movement forward in Morocco and worldwide, and we hope you’ll join us in supporting sustainability, collaboration and authenticity to empower small scale artisans and slow handicrafts.  Together, we can change the focus of fashion into something sustainable, beautiful, and accessible to all.

Want to join the movement?  Contact us at hello@aztadesigns to get involved and visit fashionrevolution.org for information on Fashion Revolution worldwide!

Kelsey Holmes