AZTA is a developing social enterprise that focuses on collaborating with women artisans in rural Morocco, Moroccan designers, and local suppliers to create high quality, sustainable and culturally relevant products.  Taking inspiration from natural elements and the cultural landscape of Morocco, AZTA celebrates talented artists and seeks to provide a crossroads for cultural awareness through ethical engagement and human creativity.



SUSTAINABLE | By using only organic, recycled and locally sourced materials we are ensuring that the impact we have not only serves the economy of our community, but leaves the smallest ecological footprint possible, furthering our mission of ethical engagement and responsibility.

AUTHENTIC | At AZTA, we believe that knowing the who, what, where, why, and how of our collection is of utmost importance.  To us, delivering an authentic product means ethical and sustainable sourcing, understanding the origins of the materials, and knowing the story behind them.

EMPOWERED | AZTA seeks to provide women in rural Morocco with economic empowerment through artisanship.  By creating an avenue for women to market their products, connecting with local and sustainable/organic suppliers, and working in collaboration with local designers, we are able to provide opportunities for cultural understanding and small business growth.  As our community grows, AZTA serves as a space to connect with global markets and impact local change.

HANDCRAFTED | We seek to tell the story of our community.  Through the social enterprise model, we are ensuring that the money received through sale of handmade, organic products goes directly back to the communities who create them.  The incredible artistry that goes into each unique piece reflects the talent, commitment and creativity of the women who make them.

COLLABORATIVE | We work with artists to bring their vision to life. Working together is at the core of our identity.  From the beginning of our design process to the final product, each decision we make is a part of the collaborative process.  Our commitment to highlighting the work of these individuals ensures that the collections we offer are thoughtful, imaginative and relevant.  We’re stronger together.